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meanwhile, that's all for tonight's "willis report," i'm dennis kneale. s been a great week.s. have a great weekend. ♪ lou: thank you for being with us, president obama's middle east policies are no more coherent tonight than two and a half years ago when he insisted on mubarak's departure from power. the administration's lack of a clear foreign policy objetive in eggpt dpled to the overthrow of mubarak. the muslim brotherhood's asession to power, and now the secular military's removal of egyptian president morsi and the violent and deadly clashes between security forces and morsi supporters that have followed. the white house, again today refused to exj -- acknowledge whether they will continue to send ai to the
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egyptian government and mill their that reportely killed hundreds since the beginning of last week, and pro-morsi demonstrators are blamed for the death of dozens of police, security forces, and christians who blame the muslim brotherhood for the torching, looting, and destructn of as many as 40 coptic christian churches.
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he's been in prison for two years, and proximate result cleareddhim of a corruption chge, the former president's release stoking fears the muslim brotherhood will now ramp up the already deadly violence gripping egypt. the brotherhood's forces have been clashing with the military reportedly targeting police officers and, as i said, torching dozens of christian churches. that's prompted yet another contradictory response from the white house. listen to this. >> mubarak is part of an egyptian legal process right now. he was charged with crimes in the midst of that legal process. because tha is a process that's internal to egypt, it's not something i'm in the position to comment on; howeverin the case of mr. morsi, what we see there is a pretty clearly politically motivated detention not in line with the human rights exceptions that we expect other governments to uphold. lou: this from the same white
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house that said last week thy were not choosing sis in egypt. joining us now, former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst, kt mcfarland, and author of the knewly released book, "the brotherhood: america's next great enemy," thank you, both, for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. lou: kt, starting with you, the idea that the president wants to reurn, the administration wants to return to a democratically elected president, which is precisely what the egyptian people have demonstrated they want no more of after a year, think you would know more. >> well, those are not the actions anymore. the actions is can the military establish some kind of order because the option is not military againstmocracy. it's the military maybe gets a little bit of order going, or you have chaos and potentially another civil war. i thought, by the way, the introduction was great. you set up the fact that we were for the mubarak government
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before we were against them, and then we were for the morsi government before we against it, and for the military government before we were against it now. lou: thank you, and the with the -- the "we" referred there is a reference to the obama administration. eric, in the book, you call for a move against the brotherhood, obviously, set up as the next great enemy. given what we witnessed in egypt the last year, you have compelling new evidence to supportour view. >> look, lou, this isthe granddaddy of them all with modern islamic terrorist groups. the muslim brotherhood spawned al-qaeda, created hamas, and without the creation of the brotherhood in egpt in 19 # 28, there would have been no 9/11. i say that without hesitation. bin laden, mew hamid, all the master minds belonged to the brotherhood before forming
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al-qaeda. the brotherhood is the gate way drug to islamic terrorism. that's why, lou, i'm astounded hearing the white house mentioning the brotherhood and human rights in the same sentence. the two are i think compatible, and wherever forces around the world are fighting against radical islamists like the muslim brotherhood, we should be in their corner. lou: kt, you point out the shift in the part of this administration, and each instance, whether it be support for mubarak, whether it be support for morsi, or the secular egyptian military led by the general. this is an administration that doesn't seem to have any interest in being rigorous to show anythingto history's teachings and are leading us where? well, that's right. if there's no strategic thought, a lot of transactional thought, we deal with it right now. right now.
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we don't have the overarching decisions. i look at all this and say, we are sucked into the middle of every war in the middle east. they have been going on since the book of genesis, but we're in the middle of it. why? because we need the oil. we fought two iraq wars there. if weget energy independence and don't need their oil, we don't need to be in the middle of the fights. lou: the arab oil, certainly, the egyptian people would be happy if it was within their borders in great magnitude. up fortunately, it is not. poverty is immense in egypt, and that's one of the reasons that a number of states send billions upon billions of dollars, but i want to turn to e just a minute. i want to turn to the issue that senator corker brought up. he says the power thatbe, the united states senate, the white house republicans, democrats alike, overestimated the capacity of the united states to
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exert will on the middle east? how could anyone over estimate our influence? how could anyone possibly, after 12 years of war against the al-qaeda, underestimate the potential for danger and disaster that results? >> lou, that's astounding, and this is both sides of the aisle now. we have the obama administration. we have mccain andgraham, and, look, influence is in the form of 1.4 billion to the %-and kt made a point about the oil factor, lou. look, the s urges ez canal, egypt controls, 7% of the world's oil and gas passes through there every day on the way to europe and america. if you target that, every american will feel it in their pocketbook every time they go to the pump, fill up, oil and gas prices ill skyrocket.
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there's attacks launched out of the sigh nigh in egypt against israel could spill into another conflict, and then the whole global economy's going to feel it. lou: most troubling to me is not any intonings for erope, if i may be provenn issue here, because we have sufficient energy in the country to stall any possibility of an impact of embgo or descriptionn the world's oil supply, but what bothers me, kt, is a set of leaders, this president, running around like they have it figured out, of pronouncing egypt unworthy of our aid rather than talking positively, constructively about engaging intelligently with a force that is the natural ally of the united states, a military that's
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suppressing islamists in the form of breerhood and their affiliated organizations. >> remember, that's the group that's kept the peace for 40 years, the peace between israel and e just a miute. look at senator mccain, a lot of resppct, but i don't think he was right on syria, libya, or egypt. lou: i could go through a loner list,mccain feingold, mccain-kennedy, it goes on and on. eric, quickly, to wrap it up if you will, a couple concluding sentences? >> you know, look, lou, i think this is going to get worse before it gets better. i think there's a real possibility of civil war in egypt. the muslim brotherhood will not go quietly. they waited for decades to get to this moment where they control the presidency. it was suddenly and violently wrenched away from them, and they are a violent jihadist group. they are showing their true face
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now. they are inherently anti-american. we should be on the military. i don't think it's going to happen. this is going to get bloodier, though, i know that. lou: thank you for being with us, the week s "the brotherhd: america's next great enemy," recommending it highly to you. kt mcfarland, recommend her high lie throught. thank you. >> thank you. lou: mubarak on the other handed release from prison, and the brotherhood calling for a day of violence, and former ambassador to egypt joining me next. ♪
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>> president obama sent the next guest to cairo to meet with the egyptian president at the height of the tahrir square uprising in
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2011. today, he is stressing the need to keep egypt fromfurther teriorating and maintain a relationship were foes responsible for its future. joining us now is frank, held numerous diplomatic posts, and in a career that spans eight presidents forming as -- serving as former ambassador to egypt and the philippines. good to see you here. >> thank you. lou: this is a frightful moment for the united states and for the administration. it seems that every initiative that this president has taken in libya, egypt, and towards syria has been disastrous, an, in fact, not only not supporting the interest of the united states, but making bad situations woefully worse. what do you tink?
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>> well, we have to be fair about it. lou: i want to be utterly fair about it. i want to be straightforward about it as well. >> the middle east is going through a period of revolutiona transformation. since 2011, we have seen governments across the region fall, ethnicities turnon one another, rewhritions turn on one -- religions turn on one another, and there's only so much the outside world, any power could do. lou:why would that outside power and premieramong them, the united states, recognize the reality that you have just spoken? >> well, i'd like to think we have recognized it, but trying to find a set of policies that is going to stick in tour by la seas, that's tough. that said, the united states has a couple objectives it's got to main tape. it has to be certain it's on the side of peace in the region to protect the borders of israel. it needs to be on the side of democratic transformation and
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even where that's rough and has to be a long term objective, we stick with it. we have to be on the side of the eventual economic ecovery of the region if there's ever to be stability. these broad principles ought to guide our policy. lou: those are wise principles, but they seem sub board nateed to one that is a traditional first practice, first policy of the united states in diplomacy to pursue th interest of the united states itself democratic transition, in which you are dealing with the authoritarian ideological grou such as the muslim brotherhood, we are encountering, still, al-qaeda, a force that is throughout the region growing in power, which this president, to be fair, as you suggested, has basically implied has been on the run over the past year, year and a half. in fact, we find quite the opposite to be the case.
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why are we seeing so many confused, confounding statements and policies emanating from the administration? we understand the complexity, but why assert this whether it's in the case of egypt. >> each of the prince. s that i mentioned earlier are in the american national interest, but what we want in the middle east is to make certain that there's positions protected, which goes without saying. where we are in egypt today is important. it's a moment of inflex, a new government backed by the military has taken control. i'm of your view, lou, if i
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understand you correctly, the united states needs to support the restabilization of egypt and end the violence and see this government succeed and get on with its work. the news today out of cairo is beginning to get a little bit better, but we're going to be faced with more violence. we have to have the grit to stick with it, see this new government through aking certain we work with it, not tie to it. i'll be the first to oppose anyone who says the way to work with egypt is to break our economic or military assistance. >> and yet, we are hearing precisely that from a number of problem, a number of democrats, the white house disputing it. they convened, again, toda, nothing forthcoming on egypt. we are loong at, without question, if there was a tender box, it seems to be egypt and right this moment, as you say, an inflexings point at hand.
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does this president support the regime, the general support the muslim brotherhood in trying to cast rhetoric around it as if it was, not simply a fundamentalist islamist or organization, but rather a club for democracy that just happe to residein egypt. it's baffling. >> yeah, i don't think i's quite that. i would like to think that egypt has been a steady priority of the uned states since the early is 1970s since we, under president nixon, began brokering a deal twine israel and egypt. we produce peace, that peace between the two countries is stuck. egypt has been a terrific partner throughout the gulf war, keeps the canals open, the skies
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clear, and supply our forces in afghanistan tharngs to our support that we have received from the egyptians. we need a steady policy, not with one government or another, but the policy of cooperation and a policy that permits egypt's stability in economic development. stabilitcan flow from a cop census government, and therefore, the priority for democracy a good one. lou: i hope john kerry calls you to get council on how to emule your clarity, and perhaps the boss adds -- as well. appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. lou: up next, the liberal national media pointing to republican party inviting to make a case for vulnerability in 2014. in tonight's "chalk talk," why it's actual a real problem for the beleaguered democrats. ♪ right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online.
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lou: senator paul firing another one in the party feud with governor chris christie. here's senator paul on fox news sunday. >> the party's big enough for
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both of us. it's big enough for a lot of different republicans, and, in fact, we don't need to -- this all started ith him saying, oh, we don't have room for libertarian republics. the thing is, that's how we grow our party. lou: well, paul and christie are not shy about, well, kind of challenging each other, and the longer teir debate and little feud rages on, the more the mainstream liberal media focuses on republican prince. s and policies of the -- prince. principles and policies. the republican president normally sha lacked, and the liberal media is not taking note of the fact that these guys ar no longer members of an orthodoxy called "the republican party," it's healthy stuff. we'll e what the public reaction is over tim in fact, only one second term president has seen his party make midterm gains in congress
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since 1865, and that president was bill clinton. many more democratic senators are up for reelection this year than -- in 2014, than republicans. 21 democrats. 21 democrats in 2014 compared to 14 for the republicans in 2014, and look at this. nether democrats nor republicans have a claim right now on popularity. in fact, according to a recent gallup poll, 48% sy the democratic party unfavoray. that's a bigincrease from 43% just after last year's election. comparison, 53% see th g.o.p. unfavorablely. the mainstream liberal media is not giving that attention, not much attention to public democratc spats, in fct, senator mark pryor, up for
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reelection in arkansas next year tells "politico," quote, i think present obam in some ways, has a hard left genda in various ways, and that agenda is t popular in our state, and a lot of that agenda, i don't support. now, that was pretty carefully worded, wasn't it? the most popular democrat in the cotry these days is certainly not president obama. it is former secretary of state hillary clinton. many parties consider her the odds on favorite for 2016, and gibb seems to be a little concern about hillary clinton, a little more concerned about her than, well, perhaps he might be -- could it have something to do with president obama's second term agenda? take a liten to gibbs. >> if her campaign is an extension really of either her husband's term o he current president's term, it's not necessarily a good deal for her.
10:27 pm
i completely agree with chuck. i, as a strategist, am fairly floored that she has decided to enter the public fray so quickly. lou: he's a strategist. i loveit. he is so concerned about the former secretary of state. hillary clinton must be moved to hear robert gibs' concern rather than concern for his former boss and candidate, and obamacare, by the way, the target of another scathing editorial, this time the "chicago tribune," turning on their hometown hero saying, quote, about obamacare, bot tom line, delay and rewrite this ill-conceived law. wow. editorials not only hurt obama, but the president's chances of helping any democrats for reelection next year so that paul-christie 2016 fight everyone is focused on now, be real honest. it's a minor item compared to
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what could happen to the democrats in 2014. four americans dead in benghazi. no one fired. no one disblipped. no arrests made. the administration stone walls for 11 # m steve hayes join me next on president obama and benghazi. ♪ the boys used doublmiles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? ask me what it's like to get your best night's sleep every night. [announcer] why not talk to someone who's sleeping
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lou: a group of special forces veterans putting pressure on the speaker to investigate the bank ozzie's scandal. spending $5,800 to put a three big billboards with the message in john baker's home district. showing pictures of congressional leaders with theaption if for members of congress were killed in benghazi would we have a watergate style select
10:32 pm
committee today? good question. we will see the answer. and now making controversy all comments here is what lee daniels said if he thinks america has become more racist since the first african-american president. >> i think people are a angry that he is president they're showing their true colors and when danny strong with the words in the black man could be killed by a white man and get a rate -- away with it, trayvon martin had not happened. sadly i think so. lou: our fox news contributors coming thank you for being here. your reaction? >> the country is more divided, a more polarized
10:33 pm
cents barack obama became president but people don't dislike barack obama because of his race i don't care. i don't like his policy. i dislike what happened to the economy in the lack of transparency and accountability with irs, political groups, a benghazi, he came into office say iill bring the country together i don't care about red america or blue america but that is now what happened. but to say the country doesn't like barack obama and withrace is a ridiculous argument to mak. lou: is there any sense of self coming in the awareness in the country with a black president says that president brought with him greater racism when he assumed off -- office?
10:34 pm
>> there was no apparent irony in the clip that you displayed. i a agree with everything she said. going back to 2008 and 2012 to the extent people make judgments bad on race there was an inclination to give the president the benefit of the doubt to be excited about the prospect of electing the firsblack president. i don't see what he is talking about. certainly the fact of the president of the united states would suggest racism is on the decline. lou: we having raised the self awareness and irony. the three of us as caucasians have a profile that has been revealed in survey after survey where a majority of white folks see less racism and black folks.
10:35 pm
it is really remarkable. it is a shame to me that can have that wonderful conversatiin that there coulter wants to have but retreats immediately from any discussion of real racial issues. >> nobody is saying real racism doesn't exist of course, it does but to call everything else res agency like the president because of the color of his skin or whenever comment, it is a lazy argument. lou: it is cheap. >> it isn't accurate a and it is a cop out. lou: speaking of, about the transparent open presidency is anything but. secretary of state carry
10:36 pm
said basically we will dismiss the full summer in charge on the night of the attack. and when this president moves foard with his administration is had nothing to dowith terrorism are they going to get away with that? >> it is interesting talking to members of congress, it is very cle the for people who have been reinstated from the paid temporary leaf , had not yet been subject to any real interrogation or questioning by the state department. so the cause of this point is very unclear. i don't know why yet they have done this. i tnk it is a broader pattern of stonewalling but in particular, with benghazi. look at what secretary perry
10:37 pm
has done in the calog about rage glenn year later it does not rank that high because i don't think the people who were ultimately punished for really the decision makers. the people who bear responsibility are hillary clinton at the senior levels that chose as a matter of policy to take a low-profile security posture in the months leading up to the attack did in the weeks after. >> immigration talking with a whole man security committee to introduce the bill for border security, the house's leading on immigration now they come forward and i fully support their immigration reform, border security. to you think they will prevail?
10:38 pm
>> i think in the house they will stand strong to prioritize border security. there was a lot of backlash from people thought that was not prioritized. >> they think people really don't like the idea of lawlessness in would-be incumbent to protect that ideal and a lot of them running for reelection to make sure that happens.w u: thank you both. up next a new book, the truth what we don't want to know about the washington establishment exposing the reality of what you probably think of washington and the author joins me here next with his runaway best seller.
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lou: the new book "this town" to a party is in a funeral suggest there are nofu longer democrats or th republicans in washington we being only wealthy folks that have the incestuous relationship with one another. lehman joined by "new york times" magazinethe correspondent,b congratulatio ns on the book. >> you are roaring. >> people seem to like it media will get run out of town. >> i recommend you read itc because it's really revealse to folks. >> in the words of tomnd h coburn a very conservative congressman it is a self
10:43 pm
perpetuating careerrpet politician, a media in the usual suspect. lou: those that run the country tt are in part of the important process and end henry previously long dash previously features stephen he doesn't like me much. lou:e is sincere. >> but i don't believe him. [laughter] >> he is a great guy a.h lou: i have known to me for almost 30 years. she has created herself and a role that you describe so beautifully in the book. >> she has made washington work for her. people have liked her foure ha decades she has built a very successful business to get
10:44 pm
media companies to pay her a lot of money. lou: tnt is a woman of immense intelligence, energy , and a passion for all that is politics and media and power it doesn't hurt. >> she is transferrin people who have transparency they're not afraid to say what they're for in having fun but at the core is something that people in america have been outraged at one them to be entertained but i also want them to be outraged becausebe the farther out from washington you get, the greater the need toat understand. lou: how can this same at contemible group be so powerful with one another and do so little for theu rest? >> the system rewards that. where washingtonand this is theh
10:45 pm
washinon can work very well. have a city that was allegedly built on public service. lou: there has been no recession like this. and this administration, almost every day i asked why don't we know the daily routine to the degreof this routine. why don't we nderstand and have an articulation by this an explanation of his policies? hall. >> this administration wasosed the hope and change campaign one of the narrative parts is the five-year periodsarts
10:46 pm
since he was nominated for the democratic nomination in 2008. washington has changed him and s people i don't know how sinceregt they were before. but i don't think it is a partisan booker in any way this is on both houses but beyond that it is beyond the political class with the growth of government and thes. flooding of many -- many.done lou: is anything that could be done? >> i hope so. this is where i can say i am a journalist i a hope it creates an outrage.som item have a chapter with a bullet points to make thein
10:47 pm
capital a better place. i don't have a good editor i guess. [laughter] outrage is great benefit exist anymore but people need to be outragedi. lou: this is a sensational book it is fine. definitely. we recommend you buy it straightaway "is town." up next obama continues to refuses to call egypt a coup and a parody of pretense they're very real scandals are phony does he really think that? to of the experts psychoanalyze e obama lighthouse. next. right now, 7 yrs of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online.
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lou: if you ever wonder what those people are thinking come a new report from the wall street journal answers it the "wall street journal" reports that north korea -- corrina -- korea is to the with the custom of the epidemic between 40 and 50% northern areas are addicted to the drug. north korea breaking bad. president obama trying to divert attention from a number of scandals by meeting today with a 1972 miami dolphins. joining us to take a look at his refusal to take responsibility we're joined by psychologist and a psychotherapt, thank you for being with us.
10:52 pm
what is this president thinking? what is going on? a contradiction to a major issue is the leading democratic senator who has been called out, scandals ever wear -- everywhere, the economy coming he is out of touch. >> the lame-duck syndrome he is almost home free if he can get through this presidency without a major scandal and many people are reporting there will be a scandal and something will happen with other members of the white house committee sayy let me take care and let me get through the term. lou: just ignor reality. [laughter] >> we know as presidents before him he tries to get through unscathed to protect the legacy. lou: you cannot argue with
10:53 pm
that. that is that they intend to do. is anything motivating him? he is not exactly getting a reputation for being the hardest working president in american history. >> for sure. but it is human nature to avoid responsibility in to pass the buck he is just trying to get out it is not very responsible although it is human nature. lou: with the essence of in anthon wiener and eliot spitzer, they will seek the people to serve again. give us some insight into their minds and hearts because they obviously care about us a deeply. [laughter] >> people go where they are
10:54 pm
comfortable and in spite of the? scandal. lou: apparently in the weeder is more comfortable alone. >> but in the the political scene in the public by it is that surprising they go back where they're comfortable to get the attention that they crave. if they get reelected does that mean the andal is behind them? >> i agree. i think a lot of what is going on politically with spitzer and weeder they are getting a chance for a deal over before they really screwed up now they can save the reputation to do with the right way and protect the legacy that within the weeder he still cannot do that withh his impulse control issues. lou: have not heard it part -- put it that y.
10:55 pm
lou: but anyway i have seen somethin i have not seen before three newspapers said this begin to denounce eliot spitzer for being a cheat and a liar in the prostitution scandal with a dismal performance as a governor in rat lousy. and unsuccessful winning nine of his prosecutions interested only in treating his insatiable eg do you think that'll have any influence? you amazed to newspapers and lease the new york daily news in the year times were boasting spitzer every step of the way asattorney general and governor? what happened? >> i have got to think there is a part of us that once
10:56 pm
redemption to rise above the mediocrity or porch raises. i understand why these folks are still in the public eye but. lou: looked at what we're watching or who we have to come going to the lowest coomon denominator we don't have an aspirational set of leaders. >> people are disgusted by the fact looking at it as a shrink he does have severe emotional issues that he has begun to work on to try to become a better person. i have talked to janet about it b not in therapy. but they looked as spitzer then stt stringer who has
10:57 pm
done all the right things and people feel it is an injustice that spitzer is winning. lou: thank you very much. lou: thank you very much. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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lou: the house taking on obamacare. navigating to push and coax americas to obamacare. an essay now capable of are treating 75% of all internet traffic. the irs going after tax exempt groups. they president bypassing congress to push a cell phone tax to pay for internet in all schools. a senate majority leader determined to up the
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